Modifications in version 9.4.2

- Fix: MSI packages' installation was broken (Thanks to "rbr555")

Modifications in version 9.4.1

- Static download URLs for aria2 download utility updated to v. 1.18.8 (Thanks to "harry")
- Fix: Static download URLs for MSE Network Realtime Inspection definitions updated (Thanks to "harry")
- Fix: TouchMSITree.cmd script did not properly handle duplicate file name parts and MST file names containing spaces (Thanks to F. Mezou)
- Fix: If executed manually, CleanupRecall.cmd script did not delete registry reference to WOUTempAdmin profile (Thanks to "aker")
- Fix: Download part did not exclude kb2976627 (superseded cumulative security update for IE) for Windows Vista and Server 2008 (x86/x64) (Thanks to "Matjes")
- Fix: Minor options' control flow bug in UpdateInstaller script

Modifications in version 9.4

- NOTE: Please delete ...\exclude\ExcludeList-superseded.txt once you updated to v. 9.4 to be sure to have it re-created during the next download run
- Updated static download URL for untrusted/revoked root certificates (rvkroots.exe/kb2982792) (Thanks to "friday123")
- Microsoft Silverlight updated to v. 5.1.30514.0 (Thanks to "harry")
- Windows Update Agent (WUA) will now be updated to v. 7.6.7600.320 on Windows 7 / 8 and Server 2008 R2 / 2012 (x86/x64) systems (Thanks to "boco")
- ListMissingUpdateIds.vbs script won't any longer list updates which are marked as hidden on the target computer (Thanks to "aker")
- CreateISOImage.cmd and CopyToTarget.cmd scripts will now also call InitializationHook.cmd and FinalizationHook.cmd scripts if present (Thanks to M. Köhler)
- Linux scripts now also support Mac OS X (Darwin) and BSD (Thanks to "ovizii" and H. Hullen)
- Static download URLs for aria2 download utility updated to v. 1.18.7 (Thanks to "harry")
- Fix: Superseded updates' determination was broken by new catalog file format (Thanks to "boco", "aker" and "wyoming")
- Fix: Updates kb2939087 and kb2975061 added to Windows 8.1 Update 1 (kb2919355) installation routine (Thanks to B. Schinkel-Momsen)
- Fix: Superseded Updates kb2919442 and kb2969339 removed from Windows 8.1 Update 1 (kb2919355) installation routine (Thanks to "harry")
- Fix: Improved detection of Office architecture (Thanks to "luxor", "aker", "boco" and "Denniss")
- Fix: Improved detection of PowerShell 2.0 (Thanks to "aker")
- Fix: Linux scripts contained misleading error message regarding (Thanks to H. Hullen)
- Fix: Linux scripts' improvements (Thanks to "hbuhrmester" and H. Hullen)